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Recommendation simply

With a referral code, you get discounts for others and yourself.

Brief overview


Why should I recommend the products to others?

  • Every order of our friends generates a coupon, which you can find in our account. For example, 2 of our friends order at a similar value as us, then by redeeming our coupon, our package is half price - even every month.

What is the easiest way to recommend it?

  • I give my friend the website (where I also always order) and indicate that if he orders at least 2 products and enters my name on the form after the order, he will be rewarded with a free product, every time.

Benefits of referral code

The referral code automatically connects the buyer and the referrer.

Request a referral code (coupon)

Our referral code brings benefits to our friends, a video will help you use it (blue button in the Store).

First purchase discount: 3 Euros, deducted from the total amount of the order. The code must be entered during the ordering process. The discount can only be used once.

Discount for every purchase: you can choose a free product after every order, when you order at least 2 products. The offer is valid for all orders, given a code.

If you want to give your friends a referral code, enter the requested information in the form. Our recommender is the person through whom we got to know this website, we will give his name.

Fill out a form

I would like to recommend it to others

The condition for requesting a referral code: we know the order process and can help others (we are customers ourselves).

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