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Algae and solutions

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Classic Immune Green
Same quality and composition since 2010. From 2021, under a new name, agreed with the previous manufacturer. The original is unaltered.

Thousands of natural ingredients with over 90% absorption. Cleanses, nourishes and protects at the cellular level. There is nothing like it!
Real values cannot be replaced

There is no greater treasure than the health of our loved ones. We help you keep it.


The health of our body begins with our cells. The triple effect of our algae is the result of billions of years of evolution, the key to survival: it cleans, nourishes and protects. We don't need more for our cells to function perfectly, we just have to pay attention to quality. In our world of work and work, this is not always easy.  

The health of our soul begins with our thoughts . Our ancestors knew what we are learning now. A healthy mind in a healthy body - we help to fill the currently empty saying with content. In addition to our body, we also need to take care of our soul. With medical support, we try to help you in this too, to clean and nourish you emotionally and to protect your real values together.

To be renewed for life

The wheel of time can be slowed down, and the quality of life can be improved.



We don't know how much time we have. But whatever it is, it is worth living in the highest quality of life. In this way, less can be more, and more can be a gift, which is the reward of more and more. However, more is only a reward in terms of quality.

Lifelong renewal is possible. We can help at the cellular level, by renewing the telomeres at the end of our chromosomes, which affects the lifespan of cells. In addition, we can delay the appearance of age-related symptoms.

Algae - the green taste of sunlight

The most natural algae mixture. Much more algae, zero capsules.


Its algae content is double that of the capsule version. It is a good choice in therapeutic cases, when an increased dose is recommended, or if the family is large, including small pets that we also want to take care of.

In addition to the exceptionally high vitamin C content , the added acerola cherry softens the intense taste of the alga. Mixing it into a fruit cocktail makes its consumption a gastronomic experience. It can also be easily administered to pets.

Immun Plus series

It is worth building on strong foundations: the synergy of algae and proven solutions.


Classic Immun Kids - the preparation based on our well-proven algae mixture protects and nourishes children, enclosed in a small capsule. Added omega-3 (DHA) and choline are well-known supporters of developing eyes and brain.


Classic Deep Sleep - our algae basically support calm sleep and a rested awakening. But they often need more support. We enhance the effect with herbs, making sleep an experience and the day more beautiful.

Classic Body Full - because the way to a slim figure is through a feeling of fullness. It does not replace diet and exercise, but it is an excellent supplement to both if you have made the serious decision to change and want to keep the result.

News from the world of algae

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Overview of our solutions

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We help the brain to give good commands
The tumor does not develop "just like that". In our organization, everything happens at the behest of the brain. Also true healing.

There are countless great half-solutions, but health
is only one. Don't settle for less than the whole thing.

Classic Beauty In - we know true beauty comes from within. The healthy, confident radiance that our algae have been helping consumers achieve for a long time. We add to this with well-known additional ingredients, not a little.

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