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Decades of experience are a certainty

We offer solutions that support both body and soul. To live so as not to get sick, to be satisfied with yourself, to enjoy a quality life for as long as possible.


Our story begins in 2003, when Dr. Keywan Grashoff, a nutritionist and naturopath, founded a company called WellStar together with his son. They started in an area that was still unknown at the time: the promotion of algae.

It was an area researched by few, but not with small names. We could name prestigious actors from the beauty industry to space research. However, they kept their knowledge to themselves. Today, more and more people recognize the importance of algae, and we are only scratching the surface of the possibilities. When we tell someone that algae is a good thing, they nod, yes, they've heard of it.

WellStar went bankrupt at the end of 2020 due to strategic mistakes. A group of distributors then agreed with the previous rights holder to remanufacture the product, so continuity was maintained. The same German product, same composition and origin, only the name and future are different. The foundations are decades old, the innovations are continuous. Follow us and learn about our solutions.

Algae is like wine: no two crops are alike. Wine made from the same vine is world famous on one hillside, while on the other, twelve are a dime a dozen. But the grapes are the same. A good example is strawberries grown under artificial conditions, whose neither taste nor smell is like the ones we fell in love with in our childhood. But if we look at it, we would choose it first. Not everything is what it seems...

We love algae not for their taste, but for their effect. The effect will be lost if we do not choose the right one.

The cultivation and processing of algae is extremely broad. There are already versions produced in tanks with artificial light, where the "ideal" nutrients are dispensed by machines, and the fruit is freeze-dried or at high temperatures. And they are just as unbeatable in price as synthetic vitamins...

There are so-called algae grown on algae farms, where no artificial lighting can replace the power of sunlight. But there's also that "freaky" drying...

And there's Classic Immune Green. The real recipe is not on the back of the box, copying the ingredients is just a guess. The secret is quality, origin and processing, just as Tokaji wine is inimitable. We can't talk about the recipe, but the experiences are all the more telling. It's been more than two decades...

Overview of our solutions

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We help the brain to give good commands
The tumor does not develop"just because". In our organization, everything happens at the behest of the brain. Also true healing.

There are countless great half-solutions, but health is only one. Don't settle for less than the whole thing.
Quality is an experience

We deserve nothing less than the best.


GreenStar International

Just clean and nice - it's worth it

To live a quality life, we need to surround ourselves with quality. With quality nutrition, objects and people.For this we need one thing: qualitative thinking. Because quality attracts quality:


a long, healthy, meaningful and beautiful life

In addition to quality nutrition for our bodies, we also show the way to quality thinking. The latter is also part of our mission, as can be seen from the products' logo:

a sound mind in a sound body

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