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Ingredients and dosage

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Classic Immun Kids - ingredients
Parental role models are the most important, and education for a healthy lifestyle cannot be started early enough. Like brushing your teeth.

Let the child have his own algae too! Smaller capsule, more omega-3, maximum protection, not only during the viral season.
Mostly for the little ones

The developing organism requires careful care, it will be grateful for it for a lifetime.

Every mother's dream is simple


Healthy, happy, well-developed children. Simple but all the more beautiful goals for which algae is one of our best helpers.

The triple effect of our algae cleans, nourishes and protects at the skin level. Well-nourished cells are important conditions for healthy organs. Extra calcium is needed by the developing body and bones. The antiviral effect reduces the number of absences, while the detoxification helps neutralize artificial colors, preservatives and polluted air .

Omega-3 (DHA) supports the eyes and the cognitive abilities of the developing child's body, while choline helps learning, among other things.

What can we help you with?

We supplement the beneficial effects of our algae with additional ones that are especially needed by the developing body.

Lively, playful community


Children are direct and often interact with each other. If a virus enters the classroom, it quickly spreads throughout it. In addition to the triple effect of algae, the antiviral effect is worth highlighting. It's not just a promise, by clicking on the product experiences button, we can get to know other people's feedback.

There are several versions of omega-3 , with different effects and extremely versatile effects. The DHA version is the one whose effect on the developing children's brain and eyes is outstanding.

Choline supports the child's mental activity, including memory and concentration, facilitating learning. The feeling of success cannot be replaced by anything else!

It is not intended to induce therapies or correct eating. But we also want to help with the latter, details on the page.

Omega-3 DHA - nemcsak a szemnek

Extracted from algae, to support the eyes and cognitive properties.

A need for the eyes and the brain


Omega-3 DHA makes up 25-35% of our brain and 50-60% of the retina of the eye. It has been proven that the health of our eyes is determined by the amount of omega-3 fatty acids present in breast milk.


Those children who do not consume sufficient amounts have a smaller brain capacity, have a lower intelligence quotient (IQ) and fall short in communication and language skills compared to their well-nourished peers. (University of Queensland research results).

Studies on children and adults show that supplementation with omega-3 increases both the length and quality of sleep.

Choline - attention and concentration

It invigorates memory, improves mood, and increases mental energy.

Attention and concentration


Choline bitartrate improves learning skills and promotes proper brain function, supports concentration and motivation, and reduces feelings of fatigue.

Choline is needed for proper brain function. It contributes to the acquisition of new knowledge, the proper functioning of memory, and restful sleep, but it also plays a role in the sense of balance, stability and movement.  

Choline is found in larger quantities in eggs, meat and fish, so we can also influence the child's brain development by eating a varied diet.

Algae - more than a buffet of cells

Cleansing, feeding and covering with algae at the cellular level is the most effective.

Chlorella & Spirulina


Chlorella algae is known for its high chlorophyll content and effective detoxification. It is impossible to avoid the intake of impurities. They can be found in air, water, and food (e.g. food dyes, preservatives). Their performance is most necessary for the developing child's organism.


The Spirulina alga delivers thousands of valuable active ingredients to the developing body. It contains all the essential amino acids, a wide range of vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants, microelements and hundreds of enzymes, without which there is no strong immune system. Thanks to over 90% absorption, it exerts its beneficial effect even in small amounts.

Not just bone health

Nothing needs calcium more than a developing body.

Lithothamnium Calcareum

It is extremely rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids and, above all, in copper, which is primarily necessary for the formation of hemoglobin.

Among other things, its high calcium content supports the building of bone tissue. Strong bones are important for children, as they are mobile and playful, but at the same time they still have little experience to avoid injuries.

Magnesium regulates neuromuscular reactions, thereby preventing diseases caused by stress and making you balanced . Especially starting from school age, stress is increasingly part of children's everyday life.

There is no miracle cure!

All support is only a supplement to a suitable lifestyle

Smart nutrition


It is less known that nutrition affects not only the physical but also the mental performance of the developing organism. Dietary supplements cannot replace proper nutrition, but they complement it well, making up for what is missing or lacking. Both must be attended to in order to achieve the goal.


There are countless scientifically supported recommendations on the basis of which we can put together our own ideas.

At the bottom of the page, among the recommended articles and studies, we will also share one, because this will complete our intention to help, knowing that many other factors besides nutrition are necessary to grow into a healthy, happy adult.

The oldest child in the family

An aging organism requires similar care as a developing one

Let age be just a number


... which you can see even without glasses! A series of studies confirm the connection between the eyes and omega-3 DHA. At an older age, it can protect us from more serious problems, such as cataracts or macular degeneration.  

Choline also helps a lot in older age! By consuming it, we can primarily expect a boost in our ability to think, as well as an improvement in our mood and an increase in our energy level.

Algae extends the lifespan of our cells with its triple effect . It is easier to preserve our youth and energy, for which the Japanese are the best reference.

Useful links

Articles and studies that we recommend for your attention.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Children who consume enough omega-3 fatty acids learn more easily and their intellectual abilities develop faster.

Due to their influence, children's attention, ability to concentrate, memory and comprehension improved.

Essential choline

Another nutrient that will make your baby smarter!


The substance found in eggs, fish and meat can also improve reaction time and memory capacity. Choline is a B vitamin derivative and one of the main components of lecithin.

Smart nutrition

6 foods that can make your child a smarter adult!

Harvard professionals have collected which foods are not only delicious, but also very important for children's development and can even make them smarter.


We reward both more at once and less regularly.

Classic Immun Kids

A strong immune system, useful ingredients that support the developing child's body.

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