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A sound mind in a sound body

A solution in nature and in us. We'll help you find both.

The symptom is an injury to the soul

The cause of illnesses is mostly emotional. Tell me what your symptoms are, I'll tell you what's bothering you, what your fears are. It is not enough to cure the diseased body, the real causes of the disease must also be taken care of. The body will be whole again when the soul is healed.  


The bowing figure is formed by the stylized curves of yin-yang, which proclaims the togetherness and harmony of separate things, such as man and woman, body and soul. Neither is complete without the other. Its color scheme reflects the colors of our algae, whose triple effect supports our body at the cellular level.


Bowing refers to thanks, gratitude, and humble acceptance. He who feels gratitude every day cannot get sick. Thank you for the good that surrounds you, and let's keep our focus on it. The bowing figure of our trademark also reminds us of this.

Body health

Our health begins with the health of our cells. With algae, we also take over their exceptional self-healing ability.

Algae, the primordial source of life on earth


Over billions of years, they have adapted to the most extreme conditions. For extreme cold and heat, decades of drought and poisonous gases, high pressure of depths. They are able to regenerate themselves, even counteracting the effects of radioactive radiation.



Through our algae, we also adopt their extraordinary abilities. They are able to detoxify at the cellular level, nourish with thousands of valuable ingredients and protect by forming the strongest antioxidant network. Comprehensive and effective solutions from a clean source.

The health of the soul

Most of our illnesses are of emotional and spiritual origin. Eliminating the root causes also eliminates the symptoms.

Everything happens at the command of the brain

The tumor does not develop "just like that", and there is absolutely no metastasis. All changes in our body occur at the command of the brain, with the exception of poisoning, accidents and similar interventions. And our brain is controlled by our emotions and thoughts, they make us sick and can also heal us.

Most of our illnesses have a spiritual and emotional background. By uncovering and eliminating the root causes, our symptoms will also disappear. Listen to our live medical lectures, where you can also ask your own questions at the end of the lectures. You can also browse the video library, where you can view recorded versions of previous lectures, including your own.

Overview of our solutions

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We help the brain to give good commands
The tumor does not develop " just like that ". In our organization, everything happens at the behest of the brain. Also true healing.

There are countless great half-solutions, but health is only one. Don't settle for less than the whole thing.
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