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Delivery & cancellation

Delivery methods, useful information

The most important information about shipping and payment is as follows:

There is no way to pay by bank card on the website. However, by choosing cash on delivery, you can pay the courier by bank card. Touch card payment is safer, so this solution is supported in our store.  

  • We support bank prepayment with discounted delivery prices .

  • Payment by bank card is possible with the courier, choosing cash on delivery. However, cash on delivery is not available in all countries. Where this is not possible, the system does not even offer it as a payment option.

Registration and benefits. The registration process is simple, you can do it by clicking on the Login button and selecting registration. You must enter a password and your email address, to which the system sends a code during registration. You must enter the code in the appropriate field, thereby verifying that you entered your email address correctly. The advantage of registration is that you can save your data, which speeds up the ordering process. If you order after logging in, the system will save your orders, so you can view the history at any time later.

Amenities . It is primarily recommended for those who find it difficult to order online. In the case of regular purchases, it is common for both the order and delivery data to remain unchanged. It makes sense to eliminate repetitive processes, which can save time, and shopping can turn into a routine with just a few clicks.

  • Advance payment by bank transfer: in addition to the more favorable price, the advantage of the solution is that it also comes with a convenient service : as long as your order and data do not change, the bank transfer is also an order from now on. In such cases, your phone number must be entered in the bank statement, which is a perfect unique identifier.

  • In the case of cash on delivery: the courier must be paid upon collection, in cash or by debit card. There is also a convenient service here: if your order and data are unchanged: you can request the delivery of your next order via a message on the website.

  • Important! With the convenience service, you gain time and save on the ordering process. However, in case of any changes (order, delivery data), it is necessary to enter the order in the traditional way so that we can record the changed data .

Order cancellation, product return regulation

The Buyer can cancel or return the order or part of it within 30 days

  • If the payment has already been made and the Customer cancels the order before the delivery has begun, we will immediately stop the delivery process if required and transfer the paid amount to the customer's account within 48 hours.

  • If the delivery has already taken place, the Buyer may return the order in whole or in part within 30 days. It is important that we can only buy back unopened products. In such a case, the Buyer should contact us as a first step so that we can record his request, inform him of the amount to be refunded and agree on the most advantageous return method for him.

  • The costs of the return are borne by the Buyer. If the product has arrived, we will check its condition and within 48 hours we will transfer the agreed amount before returning it to the bank account provided by the Customer.

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