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Almost two decades in the world of algae

In 2007, Attila Kovács recognized the exceptional capabilities of algae, which were almost unknown in our region at the time. A natural food that supports our body's existing self-healing processes and defense system. Its strong antiviral effect is appreciated in our fast-paced world.

For almost two decades, excellent doctors have been helping interested parties to find their way around. They show advantages and connections, but also limitations: algae is not a miracle drug, but a wonderful gift of nature, a real alternative in our world overloaded with synthetic solutions.

In cooperation with Dr. L. Károll Budai, the picture was even wider. Laws have come to the fore that complement the effects of algae on a physical level, and we can safely call these insights the missing link in healing. From then on, he strives to pass on the knowledge in its context, so that real healing comes to the fore instead of exaggerated marketing.

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