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The vital buffet

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Classic Immun Green - ingredients
Thousands of natural ingredients with over 90% absorption. Cleanses, nourishes and protects cells and skin. There is nothing like it!

Some of the many benefits: outstanding antiviral effect, bowel cleansing, more energy, stronger immune system.

How can we help?

Everyone wants to live in a clean, nicely painted, well-insulated apartment.

Our body is like an apartment


We feel good in it if it is clean, nicely painted and provides protection from rain, cold and extreme heat.

The triple effect of our algae does everything at the physical level to achieve our goals: it cleans, nourishes and protects at the cellular level.

The triple effect also helps on an emotional level: to cleanse oneself of harmful emotions, feed our thoughts with thanks and gratitude, and protect ourselves from all harmful emotional influences.

Healthy soul in healty body. Let's take care of both, there is help in both.

How do algae help?

Algae pass on their ability to survive, developed over billions of years.

Regeneration and dosing

Over billions of years, they have also adapted to extreme conditions. For extreme heat, cold, decade-long drought, poisonous gases, and the pressure of the depths. If they are damaged, they are able to regenerate themselves, even counteracting the effects of radioactive radiation. By consuming our algae, we take on these extraordinary abilities.


The higher the quality, the less is enough. Many years of experience show that even a small amount of our algae has a positive, preventive effect (e.g. antiviral effect) when consumed over a long period of time. 2-4 capsules per day are recommended for adults, half for children. As a supplement to therapy, the amount can be increased to 2-3 times the normal amount. Don't forget to drink plenty of water, it significantly increases its efficiency.

My own experiences

Our algae products date back almost two decades. Our experiences are direct and authentic.

Support for generations

Where there are many active ingredients, there are many effects. We perceive some of these, but most of the benefits only indirectly: e.g. cleaner intestines, stronger bones , antiviral effect.

It's not just a promise. The diversity of experiences is nothing more than confirmation of the effectiveness of prevention. Because if something can help with a wide range of problems that have already developed, it also provides comprehensive support in prevention.

You can't start early enough. What the child sees, he later passes on as a parent. Algae is a simple and effective means of prevention. A buffet from which our body always takes what it needs at that moment. Keep everything else in mind - we'll help you with that too!

Triple effect with algae

Cleansing, feeding and covering with algae at the cellular level is the most effective.

Synergy of ingredients

The ingredients of Classic Immun Green are individually unique. Together, however, they not only complement each other, but each component enhances the effect of the other components:

  • cellular cleansing

  • cellular nutrition

  • cellular protection

WellStar introduced the product in May 2010, and its popularity surpassed its predecessors due to its easy dosage and neutral taste, while maintaining its high quality.

Cellular cleansing

If it also removes heavy metals from the body, why not?

Chlorella superfood in powder, small chalk board, horizontal.jpg
Chlorella Pyrenoidosa


It is one of the most powerful detoxifiers , which can remove heavy metals and even radioactive isotopes from the body. It contains the most chlorophyll, hence its name.

We cannot remove ourselves from the harmful effects of our modern environment. Toxic compounds are present in our food (preservatives, additives, dyes), in our water, in the air, but can even get into the dentist's office.

Air pollution alone kills thousands every year and shortens the lives of many. At that time, we were not talking about poisons taken in through smoking, even passively.

Cellular nutrition

Thousands of active ingredients, the vital buffet. Let's add what is missing in our head!

Spirulina Platensis


More than 4,000 active ingredients! It contains all the essential amino acids, fatty acids, hundreds of enzymes, a wide range of vitamins and trace elements.

The absorption capacity is over 90%, which makes it extremely economical: we get a lot from a small amount, which is why quality is more important than quantity. Complete food , gives energy and reduces the feeling of hunger .

Not just bone health

This is a question that concerns many people in the elderly, but natural calcium is not only important for bones!

Lithothamnium Calcareum

It is extremely rich in minerals , vitamins, amino acids and, above all, in copper, which is primarily necessary for the formation of hemoglobin.

With the help of its high calcium content , it prevents calcium loss and also plays an important role in maintaining bone tissue.

Magnesium regulates neuromuscular reactions, thereby preventing diseases caused by stress and making you balanced.

The versatile astaxanthin

Cleansing, feeding and covering with algae at the cellular level is the most effective.

Haematococcus Pluvialis


The most powerful antioxidant known today, whose raison d'etre is especially great in our polluted world. In the animal world, the salmon swimming against the strong tide best illustrates its abilities.

Its beneficial physiological effects are so diverse that it is impossible to describe them in a few lines. By clicking on the "Details" button, you will get a comprehensive picture of its beneficial effects, a significant part of which is probably of interest to you.


We reward both more at once and less regularly.

Classic Immun Green

It supports the self-healing abilities of our body. It nourishes, detoxifies and protects at the cellular level.

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