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Ingredients and consumption

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Classic Body Full - ingredients
It supports the chosen diet, because weight loss cannot be achieved without a diet. By choosing exercise, it helps with endurance.

It can also help those who are looking for a solution to their digestive problems, be it bloating or stool problems.
Small is Body Full - less is more

It helps to adhere to the chosen diet and alleviate digestive problems.

Permanent weight loss, of course


Good weight loss is not a cure, but a lifestyle change, the gradual replacement of old, bad habits with new, healthy habits - not only in nutrition, but also in many other areas of life, be it e.g. exercise or sleep.

Fasting is NEVER a solution to the problem of being overweight, at least for a while. It leads to failure 100% of the time.

There are no miracle cures, nothing can do our job for us. However, there are useful helpers and proven solutions. By getting to know them and applying them with some discipline and patience, we can achieve our goals.

Mission Impossible?


The wish list is long, many needs must be met. But the "mission" is far from impossible!

  • rapid weight loss (3-5 kilos in 2 weeks )

  • not losing muscle (high protein intake)

  • tolerable hunger (feeling of fullness)

  • do not develop a deficiency or digestive problem

  • good fitness during the diet (without fatigue)

  • be sustainable (diverse and affordable)

However, despite the successful diet, if we do not change our eating habits afterwards, the pounds will quickly return. For this reason, our weight loss plan must also include changes, because if we take what we've had so far, we'll get what we've had so far...

Important: it is recommended to consult a doctor or specialist before any serious diet. If you need it, we are happy to help.

Algae, a supporter of all diets

It often supports weight loss even without a diet, and helps to maintain the results achieved.

Algae helps during and after a diet


Effective support for diets, two theories out of many:

  • Our body "exiles" poisons in our fat pads, so our fat pads can be reduced with detoxification.

  • Several thousand active ingredients of our algae reduce the deficiency state, that's why our body doesn't send "I'm hungry" signals .

In addition to hunger, fatigue is another side effect of diets. The amino acids found in algae reduce fatigue and generally the development of a deficiency state.

The feedback supporting weight loss is countless, here are a few:

Plantain seed pods

It reduces the feeling of hunger and helps digestion

Supporter of diet and digestion


Plantain seed husk is a versatile help, even in the case of blood sugar and blood pressure problems. Solving digestive problems and cleaning the intestines also support the proper functioning of the immune system . A well-known and recognized helper of diets.


It increases the feeling of satiety and fullness, as it helps to bind and absorb water. It also helps in detoxification and cleansing the intestines, and is an effective antidote to overeating .

It helps in solving digestive problems, cleaning the intestines, and normalizing bowel movements, which is due to its high fiber content. It contributes to the formation of normal stools, whether it is a lack of sufficient stool or excessively loose stools.


Diet and exercise - the winning combination

Not only for the brain and the heart


Who is L-carnitine recommended for? For those who supplement their diet with exercise and eat little meat.

How does it help? L-carnitine performs three important functions that support the efficiency of our exercise:

  • "controller", which brings fatty acids into the cells so that they can be efficiently used as fuel .

  • improves endurance. It prevents the accumulation of lactic acid, which is one of the primary causes of fatigue.

  • reduces the accumulation of metabolic waste during training. This helps increase the load during training and enhances recovery after training.

Who doesn't need it? For those who exercise little and eat a lot of meat (which contains L-carnitine).

Want to sculpt your figure but don't know where to start? It's much easier than you think, you don't even need any tools!


It gives a feeling of fullness, aids digestion and makes you sweat during exercise

Consumes, heals, soothes

Lemongrass fills you up! It contains very few calories, yet it creates a feeling of fullness in the stomach. Based on this, it is worth consuming before meals to reduce our desire for sweets, introducing unnecessary calories into the body.


It helps the work of the digestive system, it is an excellent choleretic and diuretic. It increases sweating during detoxification and exercise, which also promotes weight loss.

Research has shown that lemongrass extract suppressed the growth of fat cells in mice and destroyed the fat cells, preventing the formation of the blood vessels that fed these fat cells. In addition,
lemongrass extract reduced the activity of proteins that play a role in fat formation.

Choose a diet

We recommend the egg diet, which helps to avoid muscle wasting.

Egg and grapefruit diet


One of the most popular diets with countless advantages and few disadvantages. The latter can be well compensated with algae.

  • a maximum of 6 boiled eggs per day are allowed, distributed and timed accordingly. Details >>>

  • half a grapefruit can be eaten with every meal, no other fruit, but almost unlimited vegetables

  • lean meat can be consumed in small quantities (chicken, turkey and fish)

  • before each main meal approx. Drink 2 glasses of water after 1 hour, do not drink during or after a meal for 2 hours

  • before a main meal (e.g. in the evening) when drinking water, 6 Body Full capsules are recommended. During the diet, we increase our algae dose.

Do not consume sweets or alcohol during the 14-day diet. After the diet, a varied diet is recommended, but some elements of the diet should be permanently incorporated into our diet (e.g. 1-2 eggs in the morning, drinking the right amount of water, algae). More tips and details: useful links>

A lot depends on the timing

How much should we drink and when should we eat?

Change instead of disappointment

A nightmare for dieters, which can be avoided with proper nutrition.

Useful links

Articles and studies that we recommend for your attention.

Plantain seed pods

It supports the chosen diet with a feeling of fullness, and is also the best bowel cleanser!

It causes a feeling of fullness in such a way that we do not take calories into our body . It forms a jelly-like consistency in the stomach, is not absorbed, but passes through the intestinal tract in such a way that it is cleaned.


It is proven to benefit the brain and heart , and it can also help you lose weight!  

It helps to lose weight if our chosen diet allows little meat and we do some exercise in addition to the diet. Otherwise, the other beneficial effects remain, which are not few.


A versatile helper for diets: lemongrass consumes, heals, soothes !

It supports digestion, which is often a task during diets. It not only helps in the development of a feeling of fullness, but also in weight loss during exercise. And countless other benefits.

The diet

Spectacular weight loss in two weeks? It is possible with an egg diet!

In order to maintain our body weight, we should eat eggs often.
During a diet, we practically eat the amount of eggs recommended for one week in one day.

How much water should we drink?

Plenty of liquid at the right time helps a lot in the effectiveness of the diet!

We often take solid food with us even when we are thirsty. If we drink more water, we eat less and it also has countless other benefits.

After a diet

If you eat eggs in the morning, you are less likely to feel like snacking during the day.
If you want to lose weight, it is recommended to start the day with eggs, it is more likely that you will not think of eating an entire bar of chocolate in the evening.


We reward both more at once and less regularly.

Classic Body Full

Healthy, sustainable weight loss, without hunger or deficiency.

A trap to avoid

The yo-yo effect is the phenomenon when weight loss and weight gain alternate cyclically, i.e. each successful weight loss is followed by relatively rapid weight gain and even more significant fat accumulation than before.

If we store less fat, the feeling of hunger increases and our body starts to reserve energy, which is why the metabolism slows down. When the diet is over, we are constantly hungry, but we burn fewer calories. The balance sheet shows more than when we started the whole thing .

If we want to lose weight, the solution is not to not eat. The solution is to eat regularly, at least five times a day, to which we also add exercise. The secret of success lies in this!

The timing is right

When should we drink and how much? Drink 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach in the morning and 1 hour before eating. Do not drink at all during and for 2 hours after a meal. After that, we can drink again as needed. We also swallow the algae capsules at this time.

When should we eat? It can be a useful insight to help us, which recommends creating a time window. Intermittent fasting also helps maintain our body weight after a diet. Details >>>

We can further enhance the effect with lemon , because lemon is a real vitamin C bomb, speeds up metabolism, reduces appetite, and is proven to promote fat oxidation.

There is no one-size-fits-all method, instead there are many good solutions. The goal is a healthy, convenient and sustainable diet.

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