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Algae - pure energy

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Classic Pure Power - ingredients
The natural vitamin C in the dust algae enhancesthe effect of the antioxidant network, adding its own extraordinary benefits.

One box contains the amount of algae of two capsule versions, offering consumers an economical alternative.
The green taste of sunlight

Significantly more, significantly different, no work, the best choice

Health is an experience

PurePower dust algae 240g is pure nature! It is not born in containers. Not fed with artificial fertilizers, not artificially lit, not destroyed and dried.

The exceptional ability of our algae mixture is given by nature. The volcanic environment nourishes, the sunlight revives and invigorates, then gently dries after harvest.

The day can only start well: mix it in fruit juice, lukewarm tea or clean water. You can also add pieces of fruit to the drink, or sweeten it with fruit syrup if you like. Its consumption is recommended before meals, with plenty of liquid. Then the weight-reducing effect of the product is more effective.

A unique triple effect

A triple effect that everyone needs: cellular cleansing, nourishment and protection

Synergy of ingredients

The ingredients of Classic Pure Power dust algae are individually unique. Together, however, they not only complement each other, but each component enhances the effect of the other components:

  • cellular cleansing

  • cellular nutrition

  • cellular protection

WellStar founded its later successes with dust algae, which is why a significant part of the experience also applies to dust algae. Here you can see a selection of the many:

Cellular cleansing

If it also removes heavy metals from the body, why not?

Chlorella superfood in powder, small chalk board, horizontal.jpg
Chlorella Pyrenoidosa


It is one of the most powerful detoxifiers , which can remove heavy metals and even radioactive isotopes from the body. It contains the most chlorophyll, hence its name.

We cannot remove ourselves from the harmful effects of our modern environment. Toxic compounds are present in our food (preservatives, additives, dyes), in our water, in the air, but can even get into the dentist's office.

Air pollution alone kills thousands every year and shortens the lives of many. At that time, we were not talking about poisons taken in through smoking, even passively!

Cellular nutrition

Thousands of active ingredients, the vital buffet. Let's add what is missing in our head!

Spirulina Platensis

More than 4,000 active ingredients! It contains all the essential amino acids, fatty acids, hundreds of enzymes, a wide range of vitamins and trace elements.

The absorption capacity is over 90%, which makes it extremely economical: we get a lot from a small amount, which is why quality is more important than quantity. Complete food , gives energy and reduces the feeling of hunger .

Lithothamnium Calcareum

A red algae that grows extremely slowly, 1mm per year. With a high (over 34%) calcium content, and more importantly, its absorption capacity is 96%, making it unique in nature.


In addition, it contains more than 32 trace elements, such as selenium, zinc, cobalt, chromium. Rich in magnesium and copper. It provides excellent support for the body's supply of minerals.

It is much more than an antioxidant

Few active substances support the body in as many ways as vitamin C.

Acerola cherry

Its value is due to its exceptionally high vitamin C content , which is built into the antioxidant network found in the algae and significantly enhances its effect, imparting all the benefits of the fruit.

Acerola strengthens the immune system , has an anti-inflammatory effect, and can help with diabetes, high cholesterol, liver problems, rheumatism, and during recovery.

Antioxidant network


According to the current state of science , it is more effective than a single strong antioxidant if there is a wide variety of antioxidants that form a network.

The acerola cherry has a high vitamin C content and is also a strong antioxidant. It integrates into the strong antioxidant network already present in the algae, further strengthening it, while also imparting all the other benefits of vitamin C and the fruit (e.g. strengthening the immune system, anti-inflammatory effect).

Benefits & dosage

The sun starter is an energy bomb, not only for athletes.

Pure energy

With dust algae, we are left out of the capsule battle: one is of animal origin (gelatin), the other is produced by a chemical process (vegetable). You don't have to expect allergic reactions (e.g. due to the possible soy or gluten content of the capsule ), while the price is significantly more favorable.

Dosage: the product also contains a dosing spoon, which may sink into the dust during transport. Tapped approx. We measure out 2g of the powder, mounded approx. 3-3.5g. In case of prevention, one spoon per day is recommended, in support of therapy, 2 or even 3 times this amount, consumed with plenty of liquid.


We reward both more at once and less regularly.

Classic Pure Power

It supports the self-healing abilities of our body. It nourishes, detoxifies and protects at the cellular level.

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