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Immun Kids (120 capsules)

Immun Kids (120 capsules)

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  • Classic Immun Kids - 120 capsules

    One product, countless effects: supports children's immune system, defense against viruses, eye and brain development. The high calcium content helps the bones to strengthen and grow, which is beneficial for the developing child's body in several ways. The energizing effect of algae can also be an advantage in many areas (learning, sports).

    The strong antiviral effect of algae is especially important in the case of children, because several people are confined in a narrow air space, and their contact with each other is more intense than in the case of adults. Algae supports the developing child's body in several areas, some feedback can be found here: feedback

    Omega-3 is essential for the developing brain . It has been scientifically proven that it is worth increasing its intake even before birth. Among the components of our brain and eyes, omega-3 fatty acids dominate. There are several types of these, we support the developing organism with the version that is responsible for the integrity of the eyes and cognitive abilities.

    Choline supports attention. A good academic result is not only a matter of a grade or subject knowledge, but also supports the child's self-esteem, even defining his path for life. Don't just dream of becoming a pilot, but also feel the ability to do so.

    German premium product , more information about the product can be found here:

  • Useful info & dosage

    Long-term benefits: Algae can be found in the food of people and animals that live the longest. It has such a physiological effect that it is worth incorporating it into our diet as early as possible.

    Who do we recommend? The size of the capsule also regulates its use. It is worth giving the product to children until they are able to consume Classic Immun Green.

    Dosage: it is recommended for younger children in powder form, the capsule is split open and mixed into food and drink. 1-2 capsules per day are recommended for older children, and even more for older children. Abundant liquid increases the beneficial effect of algae.

    Important! Start consuming it with a small amount, even by cutting the capsule in half, mixing it into food or drink in the form of a powder. In this way, possible detoxification symptoms can be avoided, on the other hand, due to the several ingredients (including the material of the capsule), careful caution is recommended in cases prone to allergies.

    Medical support - in the case of adults, it is already obvious to many that illnesses mostly have spiritual and emotional causes. But the same goes for children. We help in this area as well, but the support can be realized mainly with the help of the parent. If you want to use the support, subscribe to our newsletters.

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