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Ever Gold + Immun Green

Ever Gold + Immun Green

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  • Classic Immun Green - 180 capsules

    The triple effect of algae enhances the body's self-healing ability, nourishing, detoxifying and protecting our cheeses. It supports the proper functioning of our organs, the healthy development of the body, and its antiviral effect is outstanding.

    Cellular nutrition is achieved through Spirulina and Lithothamnium Calcareum algae. It delivers thousands of different (!) vital active ingredients to our body, eliminating deficiency states. A buffet from which our body takes what it needs at any given moment.

    Detoxification at the cellular level thanks to Chlorella algae is extremely effective, it can also remove heavy metals from the body. It also keeps the intestines clean, without which there is no health, it was not by chance that Hippocrates said that "all diseases originate in the intestines".

    Cellular protection is realized as a synergy of countless antioxidants found in algae. Science has recognized that a multi-antioxidant network is more effective than any single powerful antioxidant. The formulation also contains added Astaxanthin, which is the strongest antioxidant known today.

    The production of the original Imune algae mixture was discontinued in 2020! Production of the product restarted in 2021 and is available under the name Classic Immun Green. Recipe, suppliers, production line, same quality, German premium product. More info:
    Algae info | Experiences

  • LifeLong Renewing - to be renewed for life

    It slows down the aging process and relieves the symptoms associated with older age!   It nicely complements the triple effect of our Classic Immun Green algae mixture (cellular nutrition, cleaning and protection) with a fourth: cellular renewal

    In 2009, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery that links the lifespan of cells with the length of telomeres. Since then, thousands of studies have confirmed the recognition, you can find some of them on this page:

    It can also relieve inflammatory symptoms!   The telomerase activator enzyme extracted from astragalus is only one of the valuable ingredients, as the preparation not only supports cell renewal, but can also alleviate inflammatory symptoms - not only in older age!

    More energy, less stress   - not just in theory! Consumers often report more energy, and stressful mental situations are easier to bear.

    Valuable ingredients, it would be too long to list them.   It's rare to find so much value in one box. The components also support each other, forming a synergy.

  • Discount & order

    Regularity bonus: Orders over 190 Euros (+shipping costs), totaled within 90 days or at the same time, will also receive Ever Gold , which slows down the aging process and alleviates its symptoms. In your community, you should undertake the purchase:

    The total traffic of the last 90 days counts towards the free product . The first order after the freebie starts a new 90-day time frame. Please indicate the due date of the free product in the Comment field.

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    You can see your order history by entering the site. The free Ever Gold is also visible if you start your order here when it is due and add it to the cart: claim free

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    - check the entered data before sending the order. In case of incorrect or outdated data (e.g. the name of the street or the postal code has changed), the courier cannot deliver the package.

    - cash on delivery is not possible in all countries. In such cases, the system only offers bank advance payment when ordering.

    - the bank details can be found in the confirmation email, which the system sends automatically after placing the order.

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