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Body Full (90 capsules)

Body Full (90 capsules)

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  • Classic Body Full - 90 capsules

    Diet help: healthy weight loss is only possible with discipline and patience. We know, but we often give up on our diet because of the burdensome feeling of hunger. The product's active ingredients help make our chosen diet easier to bear, but it does not do our job for us: diet, then lifestyle change and exercise.

    Our algae are effective in reducing excess kilos, this is one of the most common feedbacks, you can find some of them here: feedbacks It helps both in the diet and in maintaining the achieved results.

    Plantain seed husk against excruciating hunger and for better digestion. It can absorb a large amount of water, which helps to create a feeling of fullness, and its high fiber content helps with digestion. This is the healthiest of the consumer solutions.

    The effect of lemongrass on the consumer is well known to those familiar with the world of medicinal herbs. It helps in the development of a feeling of satiety, while the water-absorbing effect is also beneficial for those who want to lose weight.

    A nice muscular figure is not possible without exercise. L-carnitine helps those for whom it is not enough to lose the excess, but they also want to shape their figure. During exercise, it supports fat burning, improves endurance, and its beneficial effect on the heart and brain is "just" extra.

    German premium product,   more information about the product can be found here:

  • Useful info & dosage

    What does it help with? The product has a beneficial effect in three areas:

    1. By promoting a feeling of fullness, it helps to adhere to the chosen diet. Important: there is no weight loss without a diet!

    2. L-carnitine helps with endurance in case of exercise, in achieving the feeling of success in the initial period.

    3. Settlement of digestive problems, effective cleaning of intestines. Avoid dieting if you don't want to lose weight.

    What doesn't help? The goal is not to achieve a feeling of fullness without eating!

    How does it help? Together with the algae, a mutually supportive synergistic effect develops, whether it is about diet, more energy, or supporting digestion and cleaning the bowels.

    Dosage: take 1 or 2 main meals per day, 3-6 capsules occasionally, one hour before meals.

    Without plenty of liquid, the expected effect will not come! 1 liquid per capsule is recommended (e.g. 0.5 liters for 5 capsules), whether the goal is diet or digestion support. 1 Do not consume under the age of 8 or in case of swallowing difficulties! In case of possible allergy, gradualism is recommended.

    Medical support - being overweight often has an emotional background. We will help you, subscribe to our newsletters.

  • Discount & order

    Regularity bonus: Orders over 190 Euros (+shipping costs), totaled within 90 days or at the same time, will also receive Ever Gold , which slows down the aging process and alleviates its symptoms. In your community, you should undertake the purchase:

    The total traffic of the last 90 days counts towards the free product . The first order after the freebie starts a new 90-day time frame. Please indicate the due date of the free product in the Comment field.

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