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The visible immune system

At the beginning of the virus-laden period, it is worthwhile to pay more attention to the condition of our immune system, if possible to prepare it for the "darker months". The strengthening of our defense system must be supported both physically and emotionally. We will try to talk about both in more detail on the site.

A strong immune system is not a panacea either, we will not be protected by it from all "attacks" against, extreme confidence should be avoided. However, thinking Help yourself and your immune system will help you is - apart from extreme situations - an efficient and effective approach.

There are visible signs of the correct functioning of our immune system, from which you can read. In fact, there are indications that our immune system is performing far above average. In the following, we would like to give some useful advice in this area.

COVID and the immune system

A difficult, divisive period is behind us as far as the COVID situation is concerned. A strong immune system alone would be enough (we consider it as poisoning, just as not all mushrooms are edible). That's why we left the field to the experts, they also stated pros and cons, but they definitely did it with more responsibility than we would have done.

Today, COVID has been tamed into a still unpleasant, but far from harmful virus, against which our immune system can act effectively in most cases, the " "help" can make sense on its own. By clicking on the picture below, you can read a useful article, the message of which is, in short, that what should be done is different in the case of a twenty-year-old body, and something else is recommended if all our organs no longer function as they did in their twenties, or if you have chronic diseases weakens.

Classic Immun Green not only supports our immune system (eliminating deficiencies, supporting the correct functioning of the intestinal system and more), but also has a strong antiviral effect that it is rarely experienced, and can even be detected with the eyes.

Status indicators of our immune system

80% of the immune system is located in the intestinal tract, its weakening can be indicated by various symptoms. Constant fatigue and weakness dominate us, our rest at night is not satisfactory at this time either, we wake up often and toss and turn a lot. Poor food absorption and vitamin deficiency will affect the health of our skin, hair and nails.

Disordered absorption of iron and/or vitamin B-12 can also lead to anemia. Due to the weakening of the immune system, we generally become more vulnerable to pathogens: we constantly sneeze and cough , our nose is running, and we are just getting out of one cold, and another one is already starting. Due to the weakness of the immune system, the herpes virus can also be activated, which can be seen mainly in the painful swelling around the lips.

Healthy and clean intestines are one of the best supporters of our immune system. The beneficial effect of our algae on the intestines is a common experience, sometimes also in severe cases (e.g. Crohn's disease - experiences from Algainfo page) . We have a product that many people use to support their diet, but it also helps a lot in cleaning the intestines and solving digestive problems (e.g. bloating, constipation). The disappearance of these symptoms also indicates that the condition of our intestinal system is favorable.

By clicking on the image above we can get to know our other helper, the ingredients of which together with our algae form an exceptional synergy. Classic Body Full not only supports diet and digestion, but also indirectly our defense system. Don't forget, for complete protection, you also need to take care of emotional factors!

Antiviral effect that is also visible to the eye

Strong antiviral protection is the turbo boost of the immune system. Visible signs of this are more difficult to discover on our own, exceptional situations help. Chance often plays a role in great discoveries and realizations, and every scientific proof is worth as much as it is confirmed by experience.

Our immune system is in "turbo gear" a sure sign of its operation is the retraction of viral warts. Warts are usually eliminated by drastic interventions, which do not provide a solution to the root causes at all, so there is no guarantee that we do not have to "change the pass" to the doctors.

The strong antiviral effect of Classic Immun Green can not only eliminate the symptoms, but also protects against further development if consumed continuously. In a virus-infested world, this ability is valued. The condition of our immune system is also influenced by other factors (e.g. emotional factors), and additional protection and precautions are always justified during extreme epidemics.

The consequences of HPV are more than unpleasant warts on our hands! Many types of the virus are biochemically separated, which create different symptoms. Among the individual human palilloma viruses, there are also those that cause malignant degeneration (malignancy) in epithelial cells. A late consequence of this can be squamous cell carcinoma. From this point of view, HPV 16 and 18, which cause genital papillomas, are of particular importance. Women whose cervical mucosa is infected with HPV 16 have a higher risk of developing cervical cancer. We also thought this information would be useful to share.

By clicking on the image above we can learn not only about some experiences (among them my own, K. Attila), but also a downloadable scientific information sheet, which is in English there is, but you can see how long the list of studies proving the antiviral effect of algae is.

Importance of emotional factors

Few things can weaken the immune system as quickly as mental and emotional impact, stress. Although there are antiviral effects that are "in your head" it is difficult to replace - if it is even possible for the average person - but the point is simple: as quickly as the emotional factor can weaken our immune system, it can strengthen it just as quickly.

A great community awaits us on Tuesday evenings. The doctor's direct, logical, comprehensible and, not to mention humorous, presentations help a lot in strengthening our immune system, even though this "only" indirect goal. In itself, the certainty that "there is a solution", the elimination of the stress caused by fear, improves our condition a lot week after week.

It is worthwhile to look for the connection with the wisdom of the past, because our ancestors stood up great under extremely difficult conditions, and the professionals of our time are not necessarily the exclusive holders of knowledge. Our ancestors met once a week in a Community, the meaning of which many do not understand, but later the picture comes together beautifully. They often lived much healthier lives than the modern man of our time, despite all the technical support. Because the real solution is inside us (not in the pharmacy) if we look for it there, we will definitely find it. We will help you with it.

By clicking on the image, we can join Tuesday's lectures, or we can look back at an earlier one, which is just for us, when we have time. Let's help ourselves and belong to a selfless Community that helps us too. These are not new things, they are just adapted to today's people.

Protecting our health starts with children

In viral times, children are particularly vulnerable. School stress in itself is a strong immune system-weakening effect, but this is also compounded by the "gifted" a multitude of viruses that are often brought from home and spread through our own homes through our children. The process is accelerated and strengthened by the children's immediacy and frequent contact with each other, which is catalyzed by gym classes, despite all their health-protective effects.

Classic Immun Kids - protection for children. The size of the capsule is smaller and additional valuable ingredients support the developing organism. For prevention, 2 capsules per day are recommended, so one box of Immun Kids is exactly one month's dose for 2 children. Significant protection for the family, where the dose for parents is 3-3 capsules per day (Immun Green), and for children 2-2 capsules per day (Immun Kids).

By clicking on the image above, you can get the family package at a discount, which contains 2 products, so you can choose a free product at the end of the order, adding an additional " ;to solve a task": beautiful skin & hair, better digestion & diet, possibly restful sleep.

If our orders are regular, in 90 days they reach the limit of HUF 72,900, then an additional valuable product will arrive, which is proven to slow down the aging process processes, alleviates the symptoms associated with older age. Ever Renewing Gold a valuable gift for grandparents too!

Easy ordering on mobile

It is most effective to find your way around on a computer. We have placed a lot of information on the site, precisely so that we can answer many questions. Nearly 17 years of knowledge and experience. This information is easy to find on a computer, but it is difficult to see everything on a mobile phone.

Ordering on a mobile phone is the easiest, if we have previously (e.g. on a computer) found the information we were looking for, and the package we want to order we selected. You can then start shopping simply by clicking on the small basket highlighted in the picture. By choosing cash on delivery, we can also pay the courier by card.

For regularity, it is worth registering on the site, saving our delivery data. After that, by entering the site before (or during) the orders, the order is just a few clicks away.

We don't have the option of paying in advance by card. The environment is different now than it was even a few years ago. Today, we can pay all of our logistics partners by card, without entering the card details. At the same time, the number of internet frauds is increasing, which is safe today, but not necessarily tomorrow. Bank prepayment is supported with a discount, thus rewarding the efforts of our customers. A lot of little goes a long way, quite a lot of savings on an annual basis.

GreenStar International continues the production of algae products after the termination of WellStar, as a result of the agreement with the former owner (Christian Wiesner). In addition to the production of algae products popular since 2004, new developments are also available, and the same specialists behind their composition and production are the ones who were at the time of WellStar. German product, German quality for nearly 20 years.


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